Pile of Scraps

This is not a test. Run while you still can…

Amazon builds the fastest Supercomputer

Amazon Builds World’s Fastest Nonexistent Supercomputer



Conan O’Brien parodies Kindle Fire Troubles.



Trailer of Prometheus, the prequel to Alien.



Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio “Review”

I can recommend the Folio as well. Bought one couple of weeks ago, it’s perfect.

Elephants have a sixth toe

Unknown Sixth Toe Discovered in Elephants

Didn’t know that.

New Steven Slate Drum samples

Steven Slate Drums 4.0

Hmmm…sounds pretty good in those youtube clips.

iOS 5.1 beta 2 available for developers

iOS 5.1 beta 2 out of the oven, ready for developer consumption

Hopefully the ability to delete individual pictures out of PhotoStream remains in the final version.

How does iMessage know that the recipient is an iOS 5 device?

ios 5 – How does iMessage know that the recipient is an iOS 5 device? – Apple – Stack Exchange

I like the quality of those replies.

Great Google Nexus review

Danny Sullivan Reviews the Galaxy Nexus

A proper review.

On “Apple is now forced to offer a 7″ tablet”

John Martellaro: Apple Is Now Forced to Build a 7-Inch Tablet